Notes from Nolen 

Upcoming Legacy Church Teaching Schedule   

January 7 – Mark Gonzales, Director of the Royal Palm Association of Churches
Message Title: Sharing Jesus, Easily: The Art of the Gospel Conversation
Based on Dr. Gonzales book,  Conversations with God, an outreach,discipleship and systematic theology, devotional book all rolled into one, to be read one minute a day for 95 days!

Please come prepared to purchase a copy of the devotional guide ($5.00). Hopefully, the entire Legacy Church Family will be reading and praying together from this same guide for 95 days.

The Preeminence of Christ, An Expositional Study of the Book of Colossians   

January 14 – My Prayer for You, Nolen Rollins (1:1-14)
January 21 – He’s Number One, Nolen Rollins (1:15-29)
January 28 – The Firmness of Your Faith,Chris Mueller(2:1-23)
February 4 – Out with the Old, In with the New, Nolen Rollins (3:1-17)
February 11 – Who’s the Boss?, George Smyrnios (3:18-4:18)

Agunda Children's Home Night at Culver's

Please join your Legacy Church Family for dinner next Tuesday evening, 5:30 pm, at Culver's Restaurant on Corkscrew Road. A portion of the proceeds from all sales that evening go to support the Agunda Children's Home in Nairobi, Kenya, one of our missional partners. 

Family Fun Day at Busch Gardens

Join your Legacy Church Family for a day of amusement park fun at Busch Gardens, Tampa, on Saturday, January 20. The cost per person is $69.00.

See Pastor Chris for more details. Busch Gardens has great roller coaster rides but also several wonderful musical shows and African animal displays. So you can be crazy like Pastor Nolen and do the roller coasters or "in your right mind" like Pastor Chris and enjoy the entertainment.

Are You Living on Mission with God?

A vast number of individuals at Legacy Church (over 50 %) are actively engaged in living out their God-given purposes for their lives. Are You one of them? If not, and you desire to do so, I encourage you to participate in one of the upcoming GPS Life Journey opportunities listed below:

GPS Life Journey 4 Week Small Group
Mondays, 6:30-9:00 pm January 22 & 29 and February 5 & 12
Legacy Church Office
Cost for Legacy Church Family - $20.00
Cost for Others - $99.00
Deadline to Register - January 21

GPS Life Journey 2 Day Blitz
Thursday, February 8 & Friday, February 9
4:00-9:00 pm Both Days
Legacy Church Office
Cost for Legacy Church Family - $39.00
Dinner both Days Included Cost for Others - $129.00
Deadline to Register - February 1

I hope to see you at Legacy Sunday with a guest.
Pastor Nolen