Notes from Nolen

Running To Win! An Expository Study of the Book of Philippians

August 6 - Phil 4, How To Have Victory Over Worry, Nolen Rollins

Prone to worry? Paul had more reason than anyone to worry but he discovered the secret to having victory over worry. This Sunday I will be sharing what Paul learned and recorded in Philippians Chapter 4. If you are prone to worry, don't miss this teaching.

Special Prayer Requests

Please pray for our mission teams:

Nairobi, Kenya Mission Trip August 1-9 led by Jennifer Hogue to visit the Agunda Foster Home

West Bengal, India Mission Trip August 2- September 20

, Mary Smith to continue their mission of reaching an unreached people group, church planting and GPS Life Journey groups

Puerto Rico Mission Trip, One year plus assignment, Dennis and Linda Glenn doing GPS Life Journey training, scripture distributions and street ministry

Peru Mission Trip, Three week assignment, Emily Walker leading a team helping construct facilities for Christian ministries

Baptism, Sunday August 20

Every person who professes Jesus Christ as their personal Savior should follow the example of Jesus is being baptized to profess to the world, "I am following Jesus!" If you have not been scripturally baptized since becoming a Christian, I urge you to obey God's command to be baptized. Please talk to me or one of our other Pastors if you are interested in being baptized.

Giving On line

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Bring a friend Sunday,

Pastor Nolen